.50 cal M2 HMG QCB


The M2HB Machine Gun is service proven and in use in more than 80 countries. It may be installed on all types of armoured, heavy or light vehicles including patrol boats, helicopters and light aircraft.
With an effective range of 1,800 meters, the .50 cal is a heavy machine gun and fills the gap between the 7.62mm GPMG and the 20mm cannon.

Manroy M2HB .50 cal Machine Guns are manufactured to original Military Specifications ensuring that all parts with the exception of the QCB barrel extension assembly, barrel support assembly and barrels are interchangeable with parts from US or foreign manufacture.

A. Quick Change Barrel guns feature fixed headspace and timing with no gauging necessary. Barrels may be changed in seconds and are interchangeable between matched QCB guns. A QCB Kit is available to convert existing standard M2HB guns to the QCB configuration.

B. Ammunition feed is by disintegrating link in standard belts of 100 rounds. Guns are readily converted from left to right hand feed. Ammunition types: Ball, Tracer, AP, API, APIT, AP Hardcore and Multipurpose.

C. A battle sight is fitted to the .50 cal and the rear sight is graduated from 100-2,600 metres. Optics or night vision devices may be mounted directly to the gun to enhance targeting capabilities. Note: For best results with the telescopes or night vision sights, it is recommended that the gun be used in conjunction with the Manroy Softmount.

Technical Data

Effective Range 1,830m / 2,000yds
Maximum Range 6,766m / 7,000yds
Weight of Complete Gun & Barrel 38 kg / 84 lbs
Muzzle Velocity 915 ms / 2930 fps
Calibre 12.7mm / .50 cal
Rate of Fire 450-600 rpm
Type of Fire Single shot / Fully Automatic
Length of Gun 1,650mm / 65ins

Quick Change Barrel Conversion Kit

The Manroy Quick Change Barrel Conversion Kit provides a safe, inexpensive conversion for existing, serviceable standard model M2HB .50 cal weapons. The standard weapon when converted to QCB configuration provides a new level of safety for operating personnel and also allows changing of the barrels by the operator in 10 seconds or less.

The Manroy QCB utilizes the standard barrel thread thereby allowing the use of normal M2 barrels in the QCB gun when required in an emergency or for training purposes. (When using the standard barrel, the Barrel Support Locating Stud has to be removed and the barrel has to be headspaced as normal utilizing the headspace and timing gauge).

A specially designed, rigid, insulated Barrel Carrying Handle is supplied with the kit, but the standard Carrying Handle will fit the Quick Change Barrel and may be used if desired.

A QCB kit is available to convert existing standard M2HB guns to the QCB specification.

Blank Firing System

Designed for UK MOD, now in service

The Blank Firing System consists of a Blank Firing Adaptor and Blank Ammunition.

The System allows normal functioning and simulated weapon noise in a safe manner for all training.

The outside profile of the Adaptor barrel is identical to that of an M2HB QCB live firing barrel and is assembled to the gun in a similar manner. It is retained in the weapon by a Barrel Locking Screw fitted in place of the blanking plug in the underside of the gun barrel support. 

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