Our Services

Design Capabilities

Manroy manufactures a complete range of standard mounts for the .50 cal M2 HMG (Heavy Machine Gun) and the 7.62mm GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun). In addition, the company specializes in the design and manufacture of bespoke mountings for all types of vehicle - armoured, light utility, hovercraft, patrol boats, helicopters and light aircraft.

Manroy’s design department is equipped with modern CAD systems for speed and accuracy of design, enabling us to design and build to our customers own specific requirements. Specification may include accessories such as shield, case and link collection, elevation and azimuth stops, shoulder harness, etc.

Support Services

  • Manroy provides support for all products with a comprehensive spares and training capability
  • As manufacturers of machine guns Manroy has all the necessary equipment, knowledge and skills to carry out a full factory repair service of customer weapons
  • Manroy is often consulted by its customers and contacts with regard to surplus equipment disposal

Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that all product photographs, descriptions and specifications on this website are accurate. However, inadvertent errors may occur, and changes in design or materials, due to our continual effort to improve products, may result in some change in specifications before subsequent publications are issued. Manroy Engineering Ltd reserves the right to modify or change specifications without notice.